Macarons packaging - colorful and transparent

The tradition of the little French wind kiss dates back to the Middle Ages. For some years now, those with a sweet tooth in our latitudes have been enjoying the colorful macarons.

To package this airy specialty in the best possible way, choose from our standard range or invest in your personalized packaging - we will be happy to advise you.

Macarons demand trendy & high-quality packaging. These should not only protect the contents particularly well, but also present them tastefully.
Packaging and insert form an optimal unit in which the macaroons remain well sorted, fresh and undamaged. The speciality and value of your product is effectively increased by a noble packaging.

Production variants

  • Clear packaging
  • Combination of cardboard and plastic
  • Cardboard packaging (various colors) with transparent lid/slipcase

Filling quantity:
2 to 16 macaroons

Diameter of macaroons up to 35mm or up to 45mm
Special designs allow you to transfer your corporate design or your company image to your packaging. So you remain unique and characteristic!



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