Cake bases, cake slices & cake accessories

Cake bases in different shapes

Present your cakes on the sturdy and coated cake bases, making it easier for you to remove them from display cases and refrigerators. The base is not only suitable for a beautiful presentation in your counter, but also provides additional protection for transport.

  • food safe
  • greaseproof on both sides (also available uncoated)
  • 1,5 mm to 5 mm material thickness
  • different sizes
  • different shapes (square, round, rectangular with rounded corners, heart-shaped)
  • various colors

Cake accessories

From slide-in foils to cardboard strips and a wide variety of blanks, our extensive range covers your needs for cake and praline accessories.

  • Cardboard strips
  • Cake insert strips
  • PP blanks
  • Hat wrapping paper
  • Glassine paper
  • Anti-slip paper

Cake foils are ideal for covering cakes and cake pieces and prevent the goods from drying out.
Available material thicknesses: 25my - 35my - blanks for cake pieces, unprinted or printed (neutral print or various decorative motifs in gold); 60my - 150my - very stable insert strips for cupcakes and desserts.


Especially for you:

Blanks or die-cuts (e.g. trapezoidal shape) as desired on request
Polypropylene with company print - scatter print on request

Special designs allow you to transfer your corporate design or company image onto packaging. So you remain unique and characteristic!


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