Bag - Austria: Sackerl, Germany: Tüte

The puristic transparency immediately attracts all eyes. Your products will look their best with this packaging solution.


The wide range of bags includes ...

  • Cross-bottom bag - universally applicable, widely used stand-up pouch
  • Cross-bottom bag with incorporated cardboard bottom - universal use
  • Block and block bottom bag - stand-up bag, which forms a better rectangular shape due to the side gussets
  • bottom gusset bag - often used for standing goods (Gugelhupf, Baumkuchen,...)
  • Flat bag - simple bag without gusset, often used for flat products (chocolate bars, chocolate doughnuts, cookies,...)
  • gusseted bags - often used for flat products (cakes, stollen, fruit bread,...)
  • gusseted bags (extra high) with gold cardboard bottom - optimal for chocolate figures up to approx. 50 cm

The classic versions of bags are supplied clear, without imprint. In addition to clear bags, our assortment offers decoratively printed bags - motifs for Christmas, Easter, ... or year-round motifs.

Used bag materials:
Polypropylene: heat sealable, high puncture resistance, strong and tough, very good transparency and brilliance, ecologically safe, printable.

Polyethylene: resistant to acids and alkalis, good stretchability, good resistance to cold, optically opaque, ecologically harmless

All bags in our range are suitable for food contact according to European directives.


Overview - cross bottom bags, block bottom bags ...

Recommended bag accessories

  • Chocolate foil cardboard (gold cardboard blank) as a stable base for chocolate bars (also in your desired format)
  • Closing clipsstraight and bent for closing the bags
  • Labels as a quick closing option
  • bases and stages
  • Decorative items to embellish the bags from our creative collection (e.g. ribbons or meshes)

Personalized bags

Develop your own special packaging with us:

  • Embossing
  • shortened to your desired format
  • Base
  • Quiver
  • cardboard blank / bottom sheet
  • Paper bags with printing 1C to 4C

Custom-made products allow you to transfer your corporate design or corporate identity to packaging. This way you remain unique and characteristic!


Choose from our wide offer and secure your unique solution!


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