Food packaging

We love chocolates, cakes and everything sweet!

The delicacies you create want to be presented and transported. In order to give your customers the delicacies safely on their way, we supply you with the right packaging solution.


We offer a wide range of packaging options for the most diverse products.

You will find praline and petit fours capsules, praline packaging in stick form, as a package with a transparent lid or cardboard lid, small packaging in various shapes, macarons packaging, packaging for chocolate bars and tinfoil for wrapping, petit four and cupcake packaging, dessert plates, cake pieces boxes, cake boxes, cake bases and cake accessories, biscuit trays, clear round tins or biscuit packaging with a view of your delicious cookies, bags in a wide variety of designs to stollen,doughnut and sandwich packaging and hand crates.

Personalized or from the standard assortment!

Pralinenverpackung Elegant


Schokoladetafelverpackung Salzburg

Schokolade Verpackungen

Tortenkarton Amerika mit Fenster

Torten Kartons

Tortenstückekarton Finnland Ornamente

Tortenstücke Kartons

Teegebäckpackung Allround

Teegebäck & Kekse Verpackungen

Dessertteller Calypso und Cordelia

Petit Fours Verpackungen

Macarons Verpackung Meike

Macarons Verpackungen

Kreuzbodenbeutel mit Motiv und Kartonboden


Fensterkarton Sweet

Cupcake Verpackungen

Krapfenkarton Karneval

Krapfen Verpackungen

Sandwichkarton Sandy

Brötchen & Sandwich Verpackungen

Stollen Verpackungen


Pralines packaging

Praline packaging, praline bars, sleeves, small packaging, corrugated tubes, corrugated quivers, egg packs, blisters/deep-drawing inserts and glassine capsules


Chocolate packaging

Chocolate bar packaging, Chocolate bar wrappers, Sturdy cardboard packaging, Clear bags and tin foil.


Cakes boxes

Cake boxes with or without window, XL- window boxes, XXL-cake boxes, cake boxes "roses" with heart window, cake boxes 2-piece


Pieces of cake cartons

Cake slice boxes and carrying boxes


Cake bases

Cake bases, cake slices square, round, heart-shaped in different material thicknesses


Petit Fours packaging

Dessert bases, dessert plates



Cross bottom bags with or without cardboard bottom/motif, poly kraft bags, block bottom bags, cardboard blanks, stages and bases, flat bags, flap bags, bottom gusset bags, side gusset bags and closure clips.


Macarons packaging

Macaroon packaging


Cupcake packaging

Cupcake liners and window boxes for cupcakes


Biscuits & cookies packaging

Clear round tins, cookie packaging with window, cookie trays, gold plates, gold cups, trays and cookie hard trays.


Doughnut packaging

Doughnut cartons and party cartons with or without window


Sandwich packaging

Party cartons with and without window, sandwich cartons and hand crates


Stollen packaging

Stollen tube, gold cardboard bases, stollen cartons with or without viewing window.

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