Dekoratives & Kreatives

The cherry on the top

With our creative assortment you can easily decorate your praline packages and specialties all year round and thus offer your customer the right packaging for every occasion.

Our creative catalog is published once a year with the latest trends for Carnival, Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring/Summer, Mother's Day, Autumn, St. Nicholas and Krampus, Christmas, New Year's Eve and Winter.

In addition to ribbons, labels and meshes to decorate your products or add a personal message, we offer a rich palette of creative series with a wide variety of packaging types.
From sleeves for our "Classic clear" chocolates package and "Premium bars" to tubes, pouches, suitcases, cubes and bouquets, we have everything your heart desires.

A large selection of decorative items or scatter articles rounds off our creative assortment.


From 300 pieces, you can also like your individual bouquet together.

Doppelsatinband Bea


Saisonmasche Mama mit Goldklipp


Etiketten für jeden Anlass


Kreativsortiment Blue Love

Serie BLUE LOVE / Frühling 2018

Kreativsortiment Rabbit

Serie RABBIT / Ostern 2018

Kreativsortiment Julia

Serie JULIA / Frühling 2018

Dekoartikel Miniröschen

Deko Artikel

Kreativsortiment Engelsflügel

Serie ENGELSFLÜGEL / Winter 2017/18

Dekoartikel Rose

Deko Artikel

Kreativsortiment Krampus

Serie 5. DEZEMBER / Winter 2017/18

Dekoartikel Engerl

Deko Artikel

Kreativsortiment Dirndl

Serie DIRNDL / Sommer 2017

Dekoartikel Weihnachtsstern

Deko Artikel

Kreativsortiment Glückspilz

Serie GLÜCKSPILZ / Winter 2017/18

Dekoartikel vergoldete Beeren

Deko Artikel

Kreativsortiment Linda

Serie LINDA / Ostern 2018

Kreativsortiment Eugenia

Serie EUGENIA / Herbst 2017

Dekoartikel Schmetterling

Deko Artikel

Kreativsortiment Maja

Serie MAJA / Ostern 2018

Kreativsortiment Verliebt

Serie VERLIEBT / Frühling 2018

Kreativsortiment Verliebt

Serie VERLIEBT / Frühling 2018

Kreativsortiment Weihnachten

geprägte Manschetten Weihnachten

Dekoartikel Herz mit Klebepunkt

Deko Artikel



Double satin ribbon, taffeta ribbon, natural ribbon, organza ribbon, dotted ribbon, check ribbon, metallized ribbons, ribbons with motifs and slogans, net ribbon, gathering line, poly ribbons


Etiketten & Anhängekärtchen

Labels for every occasion and tags and labels around the year



Stitches with clip or glue dot as well as elastic bands and hangers, stitches with motifs and sayings

Catalogs & Flyers